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07 April, 2012



Welcome to GayWitch Network

A place where you can make friends, meet, and talk with them, inspire each other, share ideas, learn and much more!

It is our mission best essay writers online to provide a space for L.G.B.T. Heathen/Pagan information which serves as a social network where you can share your beliefs, experiences and ideas in one place! Feel free to visit the forums which are located in 'The Nexus'!

Site maintenance, downtime information, & other updates can be found on any one of our official social networks. For this reason it is strongly encouraged that you add us, or bookmark one or all of the following GWN Social networks.

Find us on FaceBook, Twitter, LiveJournal & MySpace.

If you are a new visitor and wish to sign up for membership of the site and forum please click the button titled, Registration at the top right-hand side of the screen and fill in the details as directed. Registration is quick and simple and means you can have access to the complete website, including; the Forum located in the Nexus,the Wiki application located in the Helix as well as making new friends and acquaintances.

If you have previously been a member and have been away for sometime or are a new member coming back you need NOT re-register again, simply scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the button titled, "Login" and the screen should refresh to login portal. Simply enter your username/handle and password you selected during registration. A Note on Copyright and Plagarism Unless otherwise noted, all materials which are posted on this site are either owned by the individuals posting them, or credit the author wherever possible.

GWN encourages it's members to contribute material, both that of original works and those of others but to do so appropriately, if the author is known please state so. This is particularly important in regards to contributions to the Wiki application as an open source of information for all. Distribution in any form of these materials without my prior written permission, or the permission of the original author is prohibited. This applies to all images as well. If you find a violation of this please contact the site administrator, Satyr.

Discretion Advisement

If you are offended by Witchcraft, Paganism, or discussion of Homosexuality then either freely stay and open your mind, or freely go. Some content may not be suitable for minors under the age of 18. User discretion is advised.


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